Role of Distributors

Our product distributors do so much more than transport our feed from our mills to our customers: they’re vital in helping us understand our customers’ needs.

Our WAFI livestock products reach many markets through our network of distributors.

Our distributors are our indispensable link to our end customers – after all, they know their local markets better than we do. They’re part of their communities. They’re tuned into what our customers think and need.

We see our distributors as doing more than transporting feeds from our feed mills to customers in remote areas. They benefit our customers and they benefit us by helping us communicate better - so that we can create better products.

It’s no wonder then that we value our distributors so highly and that more and more distributors are discovering the benefit of working with us at ARASCO.

Between 2014 and 2016, our number of ARASCO distributors more than doubled: clear evidence of the success of our distributors working with ARASCO.

Are you interested in becoming a WAFI product distributor? Contact us today.