Fish & shrimp

Water efficient aquaculture holds potentially huge importance for feeding the growing population of Saudi Arabia - and presents an exciting business opportunity.

We’ve designed our aquaculture products for high performance aqua farming.

Everything we do to help develop Saudi Arabia’s aquaculture sector is rooted in our mission  as a food security company working to reduce water consumption in food production. Saltwater fish and shrimp production is especially important to feed our growing population.

At ARASCO Feed, we welcome any chance to cooperate with other stakeholders in aquaculture so that, together, we can take important steps in developing this sector.

We’ve designed specialised feeds for a variety of species in all types of water environments, including:
o   Saltwater fish species like brown spotted grouper (hamour), sea bream and sea bass
o   Fresh water fish species like tilapia, catfish and carp
o   Vannamei shrimp.

Buy ARASCO Fish and Shrimp feed and you can count on:
o   Feeds that are scientifically developed for the specific requirements and challenges of each different species and our regional environments
o   Feeds that meet the needs of each growth stage in the lifecycles of your freshwater or marine species. We produce our feeds in 2mm, 4mm and 6mm increments.
o   Feeds that are freshly produced with our extrusion, vacuum coating and pelleting process and state of the art equipment.

With ARASCO fish and shrimp feed, you know you’re getting high performance out of your aqua farming enterprise.

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