At ARASCO FEED, we don’t do anything that’s not in line with our objectives and standards, because our customers rely on us to bring them exceptional feed products.

What makes a feed producer exceptional? It’s their priorities. It’s what they deem important. And how seriously they take their customers’ needs.


•  We put our customers’ interests first. Quality is a primary concern  for us, so we’re always monitoring our products, and are proud of our ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 22001 certifications. By making sure our business processes meet and exceed global ISO standards and by practicing HACCP*, we’re confident that our products best meet our customers’ needs.

•  We select the finest raw ingredients at source. We obtain our raw ingredients at origin in the countries in which they’re produced, so that we can bring our customers an exceptional end product.

•  We maintain close relationships with our customers so that we can understand precisely what it is they need. We bring them affordable, nutritious products and we help maximise their profitability in a sustainable way.

•  We’re an efficient organisation, making sure there’s constant availability of feed for our customers, and never compromising on safety as we do this.

•  We take our country’s strategic plans for the environment and sustainable food supply seriously: we use them as our starting point as we innovate solutions for our customers.

•  Every single day, we contribute to the aim and efforts of our government to reduce the water footprint of animal farming. We do this by innovating continuously.