Camels, sheep & goats

Water-wise WAFI is really the only feed you’ll need for your camels, sheep and goats – it’s the feed of choice for the owners of more than a million animals.

A well-fed animal that is thriving on the optimal combination of nutrients is an animal that fulfils its potential for you as a livestock owner.

WAFI is our innovative feed solution for livestock. It’s our ten-year success story and the pride of ARASCO. Read more

Every day, more than a million animals eat WAFI – and these numbers are consistently growing: proof that livestock owners recognise the value and convenience they get out of this all-in-one feed for their precious livestock.

WAFI is not only an efficient feed; it’s also convenient. A diet of WAFI feed doesn’t have to be supplemented with additional roughage such as alfalfa.

WAFI saves you water and money. If you don’t need alfalfa, you save significantly on irrigation or costly imports.

WAFI is an all-in-one convenient and efficient solution for feeding your livestock:
o   Proven in practice by thousands of livestock owners over 10 years and counting
o   Exclusively combines raw materials of plant origin - no animal or fish ingredients
o   Proven to be 25% more efficient in fattening than traditional feeds
o   Stimulates milk production in females
o   Product development is ongoing, cautious and science-based.

Our WAFI product range for camels, sheep and goats covers the entire lifespan of these animals and addresses their changing nutritional needs.

Buy WAFI for your livestock, and you can count on our:
o   Freshly made feed, available daily
o   Bio-secure closed storage, resulting in contamination-free feed for you
o   Hygienic manufacturing processes on dedicated production lines
o   Full traceability (time/date/production line/recipes/materials).

With WAFI, you can rest assured that your animals are getting their optimal dietary intake.  

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