Beef cattle

Maximise your beef production and increase your profit margins. Our specialised feeds for Holstein calves will take you to success

A well-fed animal is a productive animal. A research-based, nutritionally balanced feed formulation and the guidance of beef cattle feed specialists will help you meet your production goals in the most economical way.

We’ve designed our beef feeds especially for Holstein calves. While this breed of cattle is certainly an economically viable enterprise for beef farmers like you, Holsteins are more geared towards milk production – so, as you well know, it takes special effort and specialised feeds to raise Holstein beef animals profitably. This is precisely where ARASCO can help you.

o   With HANEETH, you won’t have to worry about procuring, handling and storing forages again. This balanced, complete pelleted feed (concentrate + forages) gives under good farming conditions an average daily weight gain of 1.5 kg over the entire fattening period - better than traditional TMR feeds.
o   Beef Starter has high feed efficiency and helps your young calves gain weight - a good foundation for higher daily gains and feed conversion.
o   Beef Finisher will increase your cattle’s daily gain and improve the feed conversion ratio, so you can achieve your target live animal weight at slaughter time.

At ARASCO, we take an active role in the development of beef producing farms, and we support any initiatives that improve food security.

Buy ARASCO feed for your beef cattle, and you can count on our:
o   Freshly made feed, available daily
o   Traced vitamin content
o   Bio-secure closed storage
o   Hygienic manufacturing processes in state-of-the-art feed mills
o   ISO 22000 quality and HACCP compliance*.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a stringently monitored process control system to prevent hazards from occurring during food production.

With ARASCO beef feed, you can rest assured that you’re getting maximum productivity out of your Holstein cattle.

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