Dairy cattle

Give your dairy cows and calves nutritionally optimised feeds that are specifically designed for the region’s hot and dry climate.

We’ve scientifically designed our feeds for dairy farming specifically for the high temperatures and low humidity of our regional climate. ٌRead more

ARASCO feeds give your dairy cows the best possible balance of minerals and vitamins at each of their different lifecycle stages, from calf starter feeds to pre-and post calving (transition) feeds and pelleted base mixes to increase lactation yields. Our feeds bypass the rumen, so that uptake of nutrients happens in the small intestine to make each feed more efficient.

At ARASCO Feed, we can help your operation to adapt your nutritional business strategies to changing government regulations.

We make substantial, ongoing investments in research and development to innovate dairy nutrition. Our results are exciting - we’re determined to help shape the future of dairy farming.

o   SOYA SUPER PLUS keeps your cows healthy and productive (increasing milk production under good farming conditions from 0.5 to 2 liters) during the harsh summer.
o   EDRAR increases your cows’ milk production, makes sure they maintain the right body condition score, and your lowers your feed cost per unit of milk.
o   TRANSITION nourishes your cows during the transition and fresh period, and prevents problems at calving (ketosis, milk fever, retained placenta, dystocia etc.)  
o   CALF STARTER sustains your calves during pre-weaning, giving them a solid foundation for lifetime productivity - making the transition from liquid to solid feeding easy for you.   

Buy ARASCO feed for your dairy cows and you can count on our:
o   Freshly made feed, available daily
o   Traced vitamin content
o   Bio-secure closed storage
o   Hygienic manufacturing processes in state-of-the-art feed mills
o   ISO 22000 quality and HACCP compliance*.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a stringently monitored process control system to prevent hazards from occurring during food production.

With ARASCO dairy feed, you know you’ll be getting optimal milk production from your well-nourished cows.

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