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At ARASCO, we never stop innovating. We produce excellent quality feeds for horses and pigeons, and specialised premixes. Read about our latest developments.

ARASCO feed for horses

Scientifically balanced, climate-specific nutrition is a crucial component of warmblood horse care.

ARASCO is the brand of choice for owners and trainers of Saudi Arabia’s top thoroughbreds, helping these horses to perform consistently at their best. In contrast to imported feeds, we’ve designed our feeds specifically for warmblood and thoroughbred horses living in hot temperatures and under low humidity conditions.

We’re proud of our simple but purposeful equine nutrition range that keeps thoroughbreds, resting horses, working horses, pregnant mares and foals in peak condition.

We’ve designed our horse feeds to be:
o   Highly palatable
o   Complete, giving your horse all supplementation it needs
o   Performance enhancing.

At the same time, ARASCO horse feeds:
o   Reduce climate stress
o   Promote a healthy gut, owing to a blend containing fibre and probiotics
o   Are a balanced complex of vitamins, minerals and other important micro-ingredients.

ARASCO feed for pigeons

We develop pigeon feeds, particularly for meat production breeds such as White King pigeons.  Pigeon meat is a highly profitable delicacy, so it’s important that the feed is balanced and nutritious to ensure the best possible end product.

As the largest feed manufacturer in the Middle East, we have a sound reputation for delivering quality. We’re known for our quality pigeon feeds that promote:

o   Fast growth
o   Low feed conversion rates
o   High breast meat yield.

We formulate and manufacture our pigeon feeds in accordance with strict quality standards. ARASCO pigeon feeds are widely available from our reliable distributors.

ARASCO premixes

At ARASCO Feed, we produce premixes which we use in our own feeds or supply to third parties.

The combined volume puts us in an excellent position with our suppliers: size matters. This means there is a constant flow of raw ingredients from countries of origin to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so our ingredients are always fresh.

ARASCO Premixes are:
o   Fully tailored to our customers’ formulations – we keep these confidential
o   Based on expert advice and benchmarked on alternative ingredients
o   Freshly prepared, free flowing and produced in central Saudi Arabia under acclimatised conditions.

Our premixes contain inert tracers for crucial ingredients like vitamins. The tracers are detectable for quality control procedures in the processing and distribution of our customers’ feed products.

At ARASCO, we proudly follow a stringent system of business processes and quality controls to assure the content of our premixes. Read 5 reasons why you should feed ARASCO products to your animals
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