Reducing water need

We’re hugely concerned with reducing water consumption in Saudi Arabia and the region. Find out about our water-wise innovations to drastically reduce water use in farming.

Water is Saudi Arabia’s scarcest natural resource. The Kingdom’s total annual water consumption is estimated at 18 billion cubic meters (m3). Of this, 15 billion m3 is used on agricultural activities.

Until 2016, irrigation of forage crops amounted to 6 billion m3 - one third of the total water demand.
At ARASCO, we’re concerned about this. We know this can be completely avoided, and we’re taking concrete steps to reduce water consumption in our country and our region. We’re always innovating to find creative and pragmatic ways to farm with less water:

• In 2005, our R&D team developed WAFI feed to optimally nourish camels, goats and sheep and eliminate the need for forage (which needs a significant amount of water to grow). We don’t sit still: we’re constantly improving our recipes, listening to our customers and running new scientific trials. Read about our Research & Development.

• Recently, we added 2 million tons to our feed milling capacity, bringing our total milling capacity to 4 million tons. This means we can meet the nationwide demand for water-wise feeds.

We actively contribute to the Kingdom’s strategy to preserve renewable water and decrease water consumption.